John F. Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy souvenirs and collectibles including PT109 souvenirs, campaign posters, kennedy bobbleheads

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  1. Jacqueline Kennedy Art of the White House Dinner

    Jacqueline Kennedy - The Art of the White House Dinner


    This is an original glossy four color two sided flyer promoting a special exhibit at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston Massachusetts. Titled "Jacqueline Kennedy Entertains: The Art of the White House Dinner." Learn More
  2. John F Kennedy million dollar commemorative bill

    John F. Kennedy Million Dollar Souvenir Commemorative Bill.

    Fun souvenir item! A One Million Dollar Commemorative bill issued to commemorate the Presidency of John F. Kennedy. We wish they were real million dollar bills!. Attractive gift item, party favor, conversation piece. We have several in stock. Enjoy! Quantity discounts available. Learn More
  3. John F. Kennedy Large poscard

    John F. Kennedy Large Fabian Bachrach Presentation Card


    We recently acquired a large collection of these large 6'x7" vintage presentation cards of John F Kennedy by Fabian Bachrach and are offering them on a first come first served basis until the supply of 70 cards is exhausted. Unused in mint condition with printed signature of John F. Kennedy. Original. Fabian Bachrach was an American photographer, known for portraits of celebrities, politicians, presidents and other prominent individuals.He was best known for this portrait of Senator John F. Kennedy, which was later used as the his official photograph after he was elected President in 1960. The back of the card is blank except for the Copyright of Fabian Bachrach and the name of the company that produced the cards in Washington, D.C. Looks great framed or as a gift item. Need more than one? No additional charge for shipping additional ones as long as you order them at the same time. Learn More
  4. Kennedy and Johnson Button

    1960 Kennedy and Johnson Campaign Button


    Kennedy and Johnson classic campaign button in red, white and blue colors. Original Learn More
  5. John F Kennedy on Leadership

    John F. Kennedy on Leadership Gift Book


    John F. Kennedy on Leaership. The Lessons and Legacy of a President by John A. Barnes. Today's business leaders have much in common with President Kennedy. They face monumental decisions in unpredictable times; their actions have implications far beyond their own organizations; and they are judged mercilessly and incessantly by both their constituents and the media. Professionals, then, would do well to study the leadership traits that made Kennedy one of the most respected, beloved, and influential world leaders in modern history.John F. Kennedy on Leadershipanalyzes what made Kennedy, both before and during his Presidency, a unique and dominant force who would serve as the standard by which future leaders would be judged. Readers will learn the value of: Planning and decision making: Consult widely, then act. Crisis management: Don't let events manage you. Building a team: Find your own "Bobby." Independence: Don't follow the crowd. Mistakes: Learn from them and move on. This timely (and timeless) book will be of interest to anyone involved in leadership. Originally published at $24.00. Brand new. Learn More
  6. Students For Kennedy Button

    1960 Students for Kennedy Campaign Button


    This is an original button from the election campaign of John F. Kennedy in 1960 for President of the United States. Button is 1 1/4" in diameter. One of the most popular John F Kennedy buttons with collectors. Learn More
  7. A Time For Greatness Kennedy stamps

    Elect Kennedy Vote Democratic Campaign Stamps - Block of 4


    Original campaign postage stamps from the 1960 campaign of John F Kennedy for President. "Vote Democratic Elect Kennedy A time for Greatness. A full block of four stamps still attached. Interesting campaign item since it looks like a U.S. postage stamp but is not issue by the USPS but rather the campaign committee. Attractive design with photo of Kennedy on the right. Learn More
  8. Kennedy Portrait Family Gift Book

    The Kennedy's Portrait of a Family


    An intimate tour of the Kennedy family (John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy & children) as captured in photographs taken by the world renowned photographer Richard Avedon in the weeks leading up to JFK's 1961 inauguration offers insight into the expectations placed on the family while preparing for the event, Jackie's wardrobe choices, and their interpersonal relationships. First Edition. Absolutely amazing photos. 112 pages. Hardbound Learn More
  9. John F  Kennedy PT 109 souvenir tie bar

    Iconic John F. Kennedy PT109 Presidential Gift Tie Bar


    Original PT 109 KENNEDY tie bar in very good condition. Produced by, and inscribed on the reverse by the original manufacturer "Jolle". PT-109 was a patrol boat commanded by Lieutenant, junior grade John F. Kennedy in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Kennedy's actions to save his surviving crew after the sinking of PT-109 made him a war hero, which proved helpful in his political career and helped him get elected President of the United States. A great gift idea for the JFK collector. Learn More
  10. John F Kennedy Bobblehead

    John F. Kennedy Hand-Painted Bobblehead


    This very high quality, hand-painted polyresin bobblehead shows John F. Kennedy proudly holding his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, "Profiles in Courage." This product is shipped in a colorful collectors box, securely packaged in molded styrofoam protection. Learn More
  11. John F Kennedy framed photo

    John F. Kennedy Framed Portrait


    Commemorative portrait of President John F. Kennedy. From oil painting in the collection of the New York Historical Society and one of a series of prints produced in the 1960's featuring each President from George Washington to Lyndon Johnson.. Printed signature of the President displayed under the portrait. Nice new mahogany colored frame with glass with beading. Ready for wall display or use the attached easel. Learn More
  12. John F. Kennedy Inaugural Program

    John F. Kennedy Inaugural Program Presidential Memorabilia


    John F. Kennedy Inauguration Program. 68 interesting pages of information and photos on President John F. Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and much more. Interesting presidential memorablia gift item. Guaranteed original program, not a reprint. Learn More
  13. Bobby Kennedy Poster

    Bobby Kennedy Is My Choice in '68 Campaign Poster


    This is an original campaign poster from the 1968 campaign of Bobby Kennedy for the Democratic nomination for President. Interesting, creative and 60's style psychedelic appearance. Looks great framed! One of the most interesting Robert Kennedy posters we've seen. Learn More
  14. John F. Kennedy Official Inaugural Medal Display

    1961 John F. Kennedy Official Inaugural Medal Display


    This is a great gift item for the discriminating John F. Kennedy memorabilia collector. It contains an original and official bronze 3" John F. Kennedy inaugural medal on the original stand. The medal and stand are contained in a glass enclosed case with a mirrored bottom that sits on a beautiful wooden base. On the base is an engraved plate with information on the Kennedy inauguration January 20, 1961. This item will look great in your den, library or office bookcase. Learn More

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